The WPOpenData + WPVisualData project is set up as an innovative initiative, focused on the collection, processing, and interpretation of data related to WordPress, including both the software and the community itself, which, we believe, are crucial for the development and evolution of this ecosystem.

The ultimate goal of the project is to analyze trends, usage patterns, market analysis, and ultimately, to learn and draw conclusions from the analyzed data to provide a tool that will serve to improve processes and decision-making.

This tool will be offered in a final product consisting of two websites, one focused on offering raw data and another dedicated to the visualization and interpretation of this data.

These resources will not only serve as a valuable source of information but also aim to establish themselves as interactive platforms for collaboration and knowledge exchange among members of the entire ecosystem.

The main goal is to provide tools that support both individual users and companies, facilitating deeper and more detailed access to WordPress data and trends, which until now has not been fully exploited.